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We are proud to say that we have feedmill and asphalt batching control customers today that date back to 1984 with some 1984 equipment still in operation and working perfectly. We specialize in repairing many older systems to keep them functioning and in good operation by providing our customers with obsolete parts and great service.

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine, Inc has been in the Batching Control business since 1984, supplying service, repair, and parts for feedmill and asphalt batching plants including repairing so called “obsolete” systems. When it comes to service, we realize the importance of minimizing down time.

We are still updating our website daily to ensure a quality customer experience.

Our Services


We supply the sales of all major equipment for the feedmill such as but not inclusive to:

Our Sales include

BatchHouse Batching Systems • Wireless Controls • Scales • Mixers  • Conveyors • Liquid Flow Meters • Downstream Liquid Applications • Scale Indicators • Controls • Printers •
HIM Manual Backup Board

Manual Controls

Most batching, routing, receiving, load out, and pelleting controls are installed without a true manual backup.

Manual Controls

A system without true manual controls relies 100% on the PC and PLC to fully operate in automatic and in, what is called by your batch control supplier, “manual”. But a true manual is one that switches the equipment on and off directly without the PC and the PLC by using switches. If your system goes down, you may have to wait for it to be repaired before even the simplest device can be turned on or off. Even a scale gate may not be able to be opened unless the system is fully operational with most of today’s designs. Our panels are UL listed and can be easily installed by your onsite electrician or by us. The backup panels are extremely valuable in the motor starter rooms. We can supply CAD prints for every system.

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine can supply you with a variety of ways to help in such a desperate situation but now is the time to act!

Wireless Controls

We specialize in remotely controlling your devices such as inputs and outputs.

We specialize in remotely controlling your devices such as inputs and outputs.

We can provide a wireless control to turn on or off a device from wherever you are located, whether it be working on a scale or up on a roof, for example. The wireless device can be permanently mounted in select areas or you can use a carrying case. Please call for pricing because each application is unique.

Back ups

Backups are necessary to do before there is a problem, saving your company the possibility of thousands of dollars in downtime. We provide backups for your office PCs, control equipment PCs, and any other PLCs.

Backing up PCs and PLC controllers is very important for many reasons

such as the supplier may not support the equipment any longer, or they could be out of business, and more importantly, if there was a change in the PLC, the programmer may not have saved the new changes or the supplier does not have any copies. The backups should be stored in a safe area on site, preferably in a vault. The backups that we do are a carbon copy of your existing hard drives. You can either send the hard drive to us to duplicate or we can go to your site. We are not responsible for any data lost because we cannot prove what is being sent to us is good or has been corrupted. If we go to your site, we can prove that your drive is working properly.


We have been asked many times to verify the batching system to the load out, or the receiving to the destination bins.

The performance of your batching, receiving, and load out can be put into a report and documented for comparison in the future.

If there are no reports such as the ones we perform to compare to, how do you know when the problems started happening? The time to study and collect data is NOW, before there is an issue so that the weights can be verified and archived for future checks. We have an assessment list that we use for plants to ensure the system is working properly and at maximum efficiency.

Call for an assessment of your plant so that you can avoid costly errors.

Electricians & Millwrights

Hillhouse Industrial & Marine works with Master electricians and Millwrights who can quote projects.

They will perform the job to your specifications.

Feed Lot Custom Controls • Feed Lot Wireless Batching • Portable Wireless Manual Controls • Remote Manual Station Controls • Manual Backup Panels • Motion Sensors • Bearing Temp Sensors • Bin Indicators • Limit Switches • Fiber Optic Networking

Asphalt & Concrete Batching System

We specialize in supplying and servicing older asphalt batching systems including printers, terminals, and scale indicators.

We can find any electrical and electric mechanical items for your plant and we back up any system that is able to be backed up such as any PLC controller and PCs.

We have a wireless system that can be used anywhere on the plant to manually control at the motor or device that you are working on. Many times there is so much noise at the plant, and as a result, the operator and maintenance personnel cannot hear each other. We believe that is much safer for maintenance to control the device while adjusting or working on the system directly at the device. This portable system can either be a 3 inch or 6.5 inch touchscreen. It lists all your devices including off/on switches, variable speed outputs and inputs, limit switches such as hi levels and motion sensors.
We also provide manual panels using switches or touchscreens.
We recommend installing fiber optics for lightning problems which is the only way to prevent the lightning from taking down your equipment. This includes converting your tachs, drives, weigh bridges, and load cell for scales, and networking the personal computer from the batching control room to the scale house or the office. Most lightning hits come from external data wire and not through your incoming power. The rule of thumb is when there are two buildings completely separated from each other, the chances go up tremendously of being hit by lightning.
We have onsite service and technical support available 24/7

All Systems Include The Following Data

BatchHouse systems allow users to control their entire plant from one location.
User friendly features • Automatic and manual routing • Import and export capabilites for all formulas and transactions • Optional check weigh system and more available • Color touchscreen 12″ display

Standard Hand-add with platform scale & indicator. 

Your BatchHouse can be controlled with your smart device, computer or tablet from anywhere in the world! Installation can be done by the customer with live support to guide the process.

We strive to make our pricing as competitive as possible, although pricing for the BatchHouse may vary depending on the size and capacity of your facility.

Industry Confidence with a Manual Backup System

When a system failure occurs this manual backup system can be used to keep customers running. All you need is a 120 volt power source. Scale calibration for both the manual – and automatic systems at the same time ensures system performance & consistency! The manual backup system is designed for any batching system. Using in this case 2 ea. HIM 16 boards. BatchHouse backup systems includes:
16 switches and LED lights on each board • 5 amps for each individual circuit • Quick release spring loaded terminals make connections easy • customized systems for manual-back up and batching are available.

The HIM16 board has 16 switches used for anything that requires manual controls
And is unlimited to anything you want to control.  Every channel is 5 amp fused with a light.  Free Tech support.  Good for Control Companies,Electricians,Any and all Maintenance
Facilities. This product is well designed to be a manual backup for any automatic System such as feedmill batching systems for feedmills.  Most systems today rely strictly on automatic and can be dangerous for your future production if your service provider is slow in getting you backup and running such as the Corona Virus or any other future catastrophe.

     If 16 channels is not enough all you have to do is add more boards.  We do design and
Manufacture custom systems.

Partnered with Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Founded in 1946, Rice Lake Weighing Systems is now an international leader in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial scales and scale equipment.
We apply cutting-edge research and design to create products that are the future of the weighing industry.

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